A very friendly lady was sitting next to me at a racing event one day.  She told me such an inspiring story about her brother, who is living an abundant life physically and mentally.

Her brother had fallen and hurt his leg so many times whilst racing.  Due to his falls, he had various problems with his leg.  But still, he had the option to keep his leg and battle through.  Or, give the doctor permission to amputate his leg.  Surprising to her and her family, her brother willingly had his leg amputated.  She asked him why he was doing this when it wasn’t completely necessary.  His answer to her was: “without a strong mind you have no will power”.  I was astounded and also inspired by his strong and positive attitude.

It didn’t matter to him that he lost a body part.  He could easily live without his leg, which he continues to do, enjoying an active life today.  He knew with all his heart that he would be okay and his mind was strong enough to do without.  And with an attitude like that, his mind can only become stronger.

By no means am I saying you have to lose a body part to have a strong mind? I am saying that a fulfilled life is when you only have gratitude for all you have and believe nothing is missing in any area of your life.  Everything is exactly as it is meant to be, you take responsibility for your actions and you accept what is.

Abundant life means to live a life that is complete and fulfilled in all seven areas; namely family, career, mentally, financially, socially, physically, spiritually i.e. your inner world, meaning there is very little or no room for improvement in these areas.

Without a strong mind, you have no will power.  Will power is what will lead you to success and allow you to reach the point of living an abundant life.  Everything that happens to us makes us stronger, as long as we deal with it and not ignore it.  If it feels too much for you, there is help all around and readily available.

You can have a strong mind providing you with the will power to reach success, just by following the processes in the Transformational Coaching program to master your life.  For me, living an abundant life in all seven areas is a success.

Is this what success is for you as well?  If so, book an appointment now to have the success you desire in your life and be the master of your destiny.

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