Many of my clients have no idea what their purpose of life is, leaving them feeling stuck.  A nagging question they ask themselves almost daily of ‘What is my purpose?’, or ‘Why am I here?’.  Unfortunately, their question goes unanswered for many years.

Let’s use Client A as an example.  He studied at university exactly what he wanted to do with opportunities to venture into different kinds of jobs, related to computers.  He ideally wanted to go into programming.  However, after his studies, he was offered an internship in a different field but also to do with computers. He accepted the internship offer without realising that by doing this, he was moving away from his true purpose.

He is now experiencing low self-confidence and low self-esteem.  Due to his low self-confidence, he also experiences low self-motivation which all contributed to stress and anxiety.  Performance Management was about to take place when he resigned without having another job.

Companies all around the world contribute to having the wrong people in the wrong jobs.  There appears to be no interest in asking the right questions to ensure they are passionate about their job.  The focus is always on what the person has studied and what experience they have. The result is that companies have unproductive employees who are unhappy in their jobs which costs the company money.

Companies put people in jobs possibly assuming that people are passionate about their jobs rather than asking.  While some may be desperate for a job and will say their passion is related to their job experience.  While others won’t even know what their passion or purpose is.

Due to many years of experiencing boredom and frustration in my job, which happened every two years, I continuously searched for my purpose in life.  Many thorough searches on the internet left me with no answers.  A continuous question of ‘what is my purpose’ would run through my head daily, yet for years I would never receive the answer.  It felt as though I was hitting a brick wall and be stuck in life forever.  Going back to the corporate world, was not an option as I had my fair share of it.

Deep inside I knew there was more to life but didn’t know what it was.  Even though I had read many self-help books, the answer was still not forthcoming.  Eventually, I found one book that was helpful and I started working through the exercises.  I still, however, wasn’t sure if I was on the right path, as there was much doubt within me.  There were also fears of ‘what if I fail?’ and even ‘what if I succeed?’.

I have therefore made it my life’s purpose to help people to find their purpose.  And as a Transformation Coach, the processes used will ensure you overcome your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs.

If you are desperately searching for answers as to what your purpose is, the purpose finder found at where you can complete the questionnaire in your own time and receive a free session thereafter.  Otherwise, book a free session with me and we can discuss how you can know your purpose of life and overcome any fears, doubts or obstacles holding you back from following your purpose and passion from day to day.  If you are serious about knowing your purpose in life, book an appointment now for a free 45-minute session.