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With world suicide day now in place, it sends a message that there is not enough being done from an emotional intelligence point of view to assist people.  Suicides have doubled in the last year in South Africa.

Too many people are carrying so much anger, stress, worry, anxiety and much more.  All caused by emotions such as fear, doubt, hurt, sadness and many emotions spinning around within them.

Emotions can, unfortunately, ‘paralyse’ you in such a way that you:

  • Loose interest in your job
  • Withdraw from people;
  • Fears hold you back from moving forward;
  • Self-doubt causes you to rely on others to make decisions for you;
  • Emotions run high in the workplace;
  • Emotions run high with colleagues or friends;
  • don’t get out of bed or leave the house regardless of the fact that you have a job or financial responsibilities. You have lost hope in life and you have no clarity or direction in life.

Making Decisions with Low Emotional Intelligence

Your choices determine your path in life but when your emotional intelligence (EQ) is low, you lose your power to make decisions.

The more emotional you become in any situation the more you compound and suppress emotions with further irritation, frustration, anger, fear, doubts, worry, and stress.  It becomes harder with time to make any decision that impacts your life.  With emotions controlling your life, you can’t see a way out.  You become extremely anxious and possibly even depressed.

You look for answers from your colleagues, friends or family because you can’t decide for yourself.  In this situation, you are looking up to people making them ‘bigger’ while minimising yourself, because you believe they know better.  While they have the best intentions for you, their advice is not always helpful.  However, when you do take their advice and something goes wrong it becomes easier to blame them.  In this instance, you never learn to take responsibility.

My Own Experience With Making Decisions While My Emotional Intelligence Was Low

I was once probably the world’s worst emotional person.  My mother always said that I was to be treated with TLC (tender loving care).  My children told me when they were older, that I was too emotional.  I could not make decisions for myself because I had so many emotions controlling me.  I would always speak to colleagues, family or friends when I could not make a decision.  Relying on them for advice and answers.  When you do this you only devalue yourself.  Only you should know what is best for you, not other people.  You have to get to the point where you can make decisions yourself.  You only grow as a person when you make decisions and take responsibility and learnings from them.

Being unable to make my own decisions I seemed to have created more unnecessary ‘what if’ questions.  Thus removing my ability to make a choice and make a final decision.  It was difficult for me to take responsibility for my decisions which caused me to analyse every aspect.  This created more thoughts and a very busy mind that trapped me in my own head with spinning thoughts that never ended and keeping me up at night.

It is only through this Transformation Coaching process that I have evolved as a person who can now manage my emotions and I live with very little emotions including stress or worry.

Do you choose to allow this to happen to you, or do you choose to empower your life so you may flow through it with ease?  If you choose to flow through life with ease and let go of emotions, you can also experience for the rest of your life the

Benefits Of Flowing Through Life With Ease And Letting Go Of Emotions:

  • having the wisdom to make your own decisions that are best for you;
  • becoming emotionally intelligent;
  • improved relationships at work and at home;
  • having more peace of mind;
  • sleeping better at night;
  • valuing and loving yourself;
  • quietening your mind;
  • Self-awareness and recognising the emotion, then dealing with it;
  • Strong resilience to what happens around you;
  • Willpower and motivation;
  • Ability to be rational rather than irrational;
  • Empathy;
  • Social skills;

Examples Of Low Emotional Intelligence – EQ VS High EQ:

  • No compassion for the way others feel; VS people with High EQ understand the emotions of other people, showing compassion and being able to put yourself in that person’s shoes.
  • Blame others for your own emotional state.
  • Don’t want to accept responsibility for their own feelings.
  • Take things personally
  • React and have outbursts VS High EQ Proactive so you consciously think about your choices and the consequences to your choices
  • Low EQ you keep your emotions bottled inside. High EQ doesn’t show many emotions.  Able to stand back, assess the situation and make a choice in the moment while considering the consequences.  Yes, this is how fast your mind can make a decision when you have a High EQ
  • Low EQ will suppress their emotions leading to health issues VS High EQ will not suppress their emotions, they deal with them in the moment and then let them go
  • Quick to make assumptions and will argue that they are right believing that the facts they have assumed to be correct VS High EQ who will review all information and gather more if necessary. Then decide while staying balanced.
  • Can’t express yourself easily VS High EQ may not always be able to express themselves properly but they will be conscious of what they would like to say and express them in the best way possible.
  • They like to argue and use their intelligence to
  • Those with low Emotional Intelligence (EQ) become react based on emotions when their triggers are challenged; VS high EQ has very few triggers. They can stand back in a situation and decide if they would like to use their emotions or not.  People with low EQ cannot predict their responses and become irrational without being able to be in the moment and in control of their emotions.

How Having Emotional Intelligence Can Transform Your Life

Once we leave school, we are able to further our education as much as we chose to in order to improve our knowledge, which is wonderful.  But what is out there besides books with not enough tools to teach you emotional intelligence?

We find ourselves reacting to people, reacting to circumstances and the drama in the news.  Then we create all sorts of emotions and beliefs which we program into our mind and carry all of this around like a very heavy backpack on our shoulders every day.  Because of the weight, we feel we snap at everyone around us, even those we love.

Turning To Medication

Some turn to medication to numb the feelings and the pain.  For my psychiatrist, and for me, medication seemed to be the only answer for me to cope many years ago.  But as I look back on my life, I realise now that it didn’t help me to deal with the issue in the moment, which stops inner growth.  The medication was just a coping mechanism at the time, for as long as I needed it.

Ten years later the psychiatrist weaned me off the medication, which was my choice completely, but I still had to deal with the issues.  The only way I knew how to deal with them, was to react based on my emotions and beliefs.  My emotional intelligence was low and I reacted in negative ways which impacted those I loved around me.  This left me with much regret which was then another emotion to deal with and let go of.

Following the Transformation Coaching program, I can now manage my emotions and what once would make me emotional, depressed or anxious no longer affects me.

How Transformation Coaching Raises and Sustains Emotional Intelligence

In the Transformation Coaching program, I will guide you to surface what you have suppressed, find the triggers as well as limiting beliefs and habits.  I will then teach you to let go of this.  By following this program:

  • your EQ is raised and your energy is raised;
  • no longer reactive but proactive. You are then empowered to be in control of your emotions and your life;
  • you feel better within;
  • if you have lost yourself along the way, you will find yourself once your emotional intelligence is raised;
  • have a balanced perception and see things with fresh eyes.  By looking at things with fresh eyes and reduced emotion;
  • have more wisdom to make informed decisions for your highest good;
  • benefit from the tools to manage your emotions from day to day;
  • improve your inner growth;
  • enabling you to be more logical;
  • more rational;
  • be proactive;

Contact me now to experience inner growth as well as the benefits mentioned above that come with Emotional Intelligence.  Thus allowing you to Master Your Life and Master Your Emotions and therefore taking back your life.